Caesar Ceviche at Taqueria Nueve

Most of the time when I’m looking over a menu I wont even give a second thought to any kind of Caesar salad. It’s surprising that a salad that is so ubiquitous is often so bad. Even worse is the Chicken Caesar, dry and bland. I just don’t like the idea of adding a chicken cutlet to an already disappointing salad. So no chicken Caesar for me, thank you.

However, the Caesar Ceviche at Taqueria Nueve kind of rocks this world. It’s interesting, unique and really tasty. The luscious tart ceviche is the perfect foil to the creamy dressing. When I first starting dining at Taqueria Nueve this salad was one of my favorite items, but after twenty or thirty times I kind of burned myself out. Just recently I came back to it and I’m trying to remember why I ever tired of it before. Oh Caesar Ceviche, why are you so good to me?

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