The Perfect Pear

In my opinion cocktails fall into a three categories; booze, magical combinations and life imitating art. Here is what I mean. A good example of a booze cocktail is a Sazerac were the primary flavor of the cocktail is the whiskey. In the magical combination category I think of a lavender gin gimlet, were the lavender and lime bring out unique flavors in the gin. The third category brings together ingredients in order to duplicate something in nature and sometimes hides the flavor of the alcohol. A good example of this type of cocktail is a lemon drop.

The Perfect Pear cocktail falls deeply into the “life imitating art” category. Sipping this cocktail is like closing your eyes and biting into a cold juicy Bartlet pear with the juice filling your mouth and dripping down your chin. Well, hopefully not dripping down your chin, but you know what I mean.
The Perfect Pear
1.5 oz pear brandy
1oz triple sec
.5 oz lemon juice
2 oz pear nectar

Side note: I had the opportunity to go to the Clear Creek Distillery to purchase the pear brandy. While I was there I got to taste their new Doulas Fir eau de vie. I was looking forward to it because it reminded me of the Douglas Fir Branch Water this artist used to bring into the Heathman. After talking with the taster, I learned this eau de vie is in fact based on the branch water Dennis l Cunningham makes and they even had some of his art hanging on the wall in the tasting room. Small world…

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