Apple Cherry Mostarda

For our Ham Christmas dinner we wanted to make several accompaniments for the meat. We concluded that we wanted honey mustard, horseradish aioli and then some kind of fruit chutney. We talked about it for a while and threw some ideas back and forth about what we thought would be nice with the ham. Peter remembered a condiment that they used to make at Ripe called Mostarda with peppers, fruit and vinegar. We used that as a starting point and then got creative. I’m glad we did because the results were spectacular. Here’s what we came up with.

Apple Cherry Mostarda
4 red peppers diced
1 yellow onion diced
¼ t chili flakes
4 Fuji apples pealed, quartered and sliced
2 C frozen sour cherries
1T dark mustard seeds
1/4C rice wine vinegar
1/4C honey
salt and pepper

Saute the peppers and the onion in a large sauté pan. When the peppers start to soften add the chili flake, apples, cherries and mustard seed. Let all of this cook for a few minutes while the apples release their juices. After a couple of minutes add the vinegar, honey and salt and pepper. Cover the pan and let the chutney cook down for ten minutes. Test one more time for seasoning and adjust accordingly. Chill for an hour.

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