Ten01 Sparkling Wine Dinner

Last night we went to the Sparkling wine class at Ten01. Sommelier Erica Landon has put together a fantastic monthly program of wine classes and wine dinners. Each two-hour class covers in-depth information about wine production, regional characteristics and some of the science behind what creates the subtle differences from one wine to another.

In addition to getting to taste 5 or 6 wines Chef Jack Yoss created several food pairings to go with each wine. The food and wine pairings were truly inspired.

Here is a break down of what we had last night. Read it and weep.

Northwest oysters on the half shell with and apple-pink peppercorn mignonette
2004 Wachtenburg Winzer, Riesling Sekt, Germany

Dungeness crab salad with citrus segments, on butter lettuce
2002 Argyle, brut Willamette Valley Oregon

Seared Sea Scallop on a pistachio puree *
NV Tattinger, Cuvee Prestige, Champagne France

Housemade Charcuterie with grape must mustard
NV Domaine des baumard, Corail, Cremant de Loire

Housemade Peach Sorbet
2007 Elio Perrone, Sourgal, Moscato d’asti, Italy **

*The Sea scallops with the pistachio puree were out of this world! So often scallops get paired with a bright acidic glaze or sauce, but this went in a completely different direction. This dish was about parallel flavors. With the scallop you had a deep buttery sear and the sweet succulent meat. That was complemented by the nutty, sweet and slightly green flavor of the impossibly smooth pistachio puree. Then just to hammer home the point the dish was garnished with whole toasted pistachios, so you got this crunch with all of those other soft lovely textures.

I’m still learning my words to describe wine so I’ll just say that the fuller body of the Cuvee Prestige made the pairing just sing.

**This Moscato d’asti was something truly special. When I first sipped the wine I was hit by the sweet peach flavor, but then the creamy mouth feel blew me away. This was like no wine I’ve ever tasted before. One dining companion blurted out that it was like a creamsicle. They paired this wine with a simple peach sorbet. The two combined to form pure magic.

The next class is going to be on the wines of Burgundy. See you there.
For a reservation call 503 226 DINE. 1001 NW Couch St. Portland, OR 97209

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Jennifer said...

Oh I bet that evening was just amazing. Your tantalizing description of it has me hooked. I'll be looking into the next event!