Just the Way I Like It

I’ve been working on perfecting peach cobbler for a couple of years. I have found that the dish tends to fall into two different categories. The first is a cobbler with a cakee biscuit topping and the other is a thinner crisp with nuts and spices. I tried both styles and I was never quite satisfied. In my mind I wanted a topping that was buttery and rich like a soft sandy short bread, but I also wanted cinnamon, crunchy nuts and maybe even a little oatmeal.

During my trails I found that the biscuit topping could be dry and dull. With the crisps I found that lots of times the topping melted away and was sucked into the cobbler. I couldn’t find a recipe that had everything that I wanted so I made my own and I made sure it had everything I wanted. The result was a double topped peach cobbler crisp. I topped the cobbler with both butter short bread and crunchy cinnamon crisp. In the end it doubled that fat content, but if that what it takes to make me happy than so be it.

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